Jovan Lazarevic

Maestral Lazarevic finished second race in the Mugello in fourth place

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The fourth racing weekend of Porsche Carrera Cup Italy at the Mugello track was a great one for 23-year-old Jovan Lazarevic Bekinac. He scored a total of 12 points in two races. A great maestral ride, starting from ninth place, reached the finish line fourth. From the start, he gained a few direct duels on the track through courageous maneuvers and eventually won 12 points. And during the duel he demonstrated the knowledge and experience gained in the Yugo Hibrid class at competitions in Serbia.

  • I started the week race from ninth position. In front of me was Patrick Kujala. I started really well and visited a couple of competitors in the first round, but immediately there was an incident where the safety car had to react. After two laps he exited the track and the race continued. The fight continued. During the race I managed to catch up with a few other competitors, but the most interesting fight was with my colleague Stefano Monaco, who lasted the last couple of laps. He put a lot of pressure on me but failed to overtake me. I am very pleased with this race weekend, and how light preparations are starting tomorrow for the next race on the Valelung track, which goes in September, after the summer break – Lazarevic said in a breath.
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The day before, he broke the ice and scored the first points, having remained all that bad luck and team problems with the six races over the past three competitive weekends, making two placements in 11th and one each in 13, 19, and 20. In Saturday’s first race, Lazarevic was he reached the finish line for the tenth, for which he was awarded a point, but later by decision the judge was moved to the position ahead, and he earned two points for the ninth place. You should also know that the qualifications were standardly grueling and full of surprises.

The official qualifications became malarious again because the front left tire had a slow punction on the first exit, after the tire replacement I went out again on the track, but in the fastest lap I had a crowd in front, and already in the next lap there was a safety car on the track until the end of the qualifications , because Bashar Mardini finished in sand. I didn’t have a chance for a real fast lap, unfortunately I ended up at 19. During the night I worked with an engineer and this time my colleague Simone Iaquinta, who is the winner in both races this weekend, he helped me a lot in order to get better met with the car setup. I started Saturday’s race from 17th place, two participants in front of me received a penalty. At the very beginning of the race I started well and already in the first lap I reached 12th place. Halfway through the race, I noticed that the car became less manageable, I broke the front spoiler, and at the same time the tires started to overheat. This meant that the pace had to go down to some 90 percent, a column immediately formed behind me, so at the very end of the race I raised the pace to defend the position. In the last laps of the race I again managed to break away from the column, but my pace was also followed by Moritz Sager, from which I managed to save 10th place until the end of the race itself – explains Bekinac.

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The move came as a result of punishing a few from Lazarevic in the race of better-placed drivers, where, among other things winner of the race Patrick Kujala of Finland, who was moved to seventh, and second-placed Italian Tomaso Mosca to eighth remained without a win. The decision was celebrated by Italy’s Simone Iaquinta, who came in third. It was Simone who celebrated in the second race ahead of American Jaden Conwright and Italian Diego Bertonelli.

I want to thank all of you who supported and cheered me on the race weekend. After the race, countless congratulations have arrived on the mobile and thank you all again. The very start of the race weekend didn’t start very well. This time, Duell Race has partnered with the Ghinzani Arca Motorsport team to complete the car. New setup for me. I used the free practise to get to know the new setup as much as possible, which gave the result. And once again thank you all for the great support and especially to the Porsche family who made me a great birthday party !!!

The fifth Porsche Carrera Cup race weekend of Italy will be held on September 14 and 15 at the Valelunga track.

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